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Monday, July 10, 2006

Movie Review: Pirates

Murder, romantic conflict, and general sea fairing-blowing up goodness are all that I have to say about arguably the best movie to ever come out of Disney Studios. However, it is far less argued that the second installment of Pirate of the Caribbean shattered almost all the box office records for the first three days of any release…ever. Among those records put to shame by this, soon to be, illustrious film, are the records for single day and opening weekend earnings. The closest payday for any studio this weekend was Superman Returns, which raked in $21.9 million. Pirates 2 beat out Star Wars Episode III, which had a single day earning of $50 million during it’s opening day, by $5.5 million and absolutely obliterated the opening weekend record, set by Spiderman in 2002 with $114.8 million, by $17.2 million. Now, with all of that in mind, I would venture to say that after seeing the film I think that there are some other records that this film has its ferocious eye on. Furthermore, I am not sure that I have seen a sequel to a film that was this good since the Indiana Jones trilogy or maybe the first set of Star Wars films. There was nothing missing from this film. The characters became far deeper and developed into relatable characters that we all could empathize with. This film also didn’t cheapen the first by selling the trilogy…oops, now the cat is out of the bag…short. I left with the feeling that Disney was behind this story and they were willing to put their money where their heart was with this epic. And I think that the audience is right there with them. Jack Sparrow, what can you say? That is Johnny Depp’s character and it could not have been done any better. There is a flare to the way that Depp plays any character, from 21 Jump Street to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Prior to the first Pirates movie, one could say that Mr. Depp would probably go down in film history as one of, if not the best, cult actor of all time (not with holding Tim Curry); however, now it is almost undeniable that he will go down as one of the most fun loving and endearing players of our day. Now the only complaint that I have is that Orlando Bloom is an awful actor. He is at best in the realm of Keanu Reeves, with his inability to really get into a character. Orlando Bloom is Orlando Bloom, he is never Will Turner; meaning, Orlando plays all of his characters the same fucking way and it is a tragedy that he gets work. On the converse, Keira Knightley is, oh my God gorgeous and still is able to play a character as a separate entity from her normal person (i.e. an actor!!). Over all, sparring you all the details that make seeing a movie fun, this movie was absolutely incredible and I would suggest that anyone, who likes to have fun, should see it.


Anonymous tARA said...

I am going to have to disagree with you a bit on this one, Alex. I did like the film, but I was a bit dissapointed. I found that it was hard to follow in the begining and was a little over the top with the cheesy aspect of the first film that made it good. I agree, Orlando Bloom is only good as an elf and nothing more. He needs to keep the blond wig on too, he is cute that way. =) Johnny Depp is of course amazing and so is...the girl. I don't remember her name. I didn't hate the movie by any means though. I felt thrilled and commpassionate in many ways as well...but I have to say that some of the lines were over the top for me. I will definitely see the next one though.

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