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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Film Review: Havoc

So, I saw a movie the other night that totally surprised me! "Havoc" is an intelligent gritty movie about some stupid (actually pretty intelligent, but not to smart…get it?) white kids from wealthy up bringing that find themselves in a huge mess with people are not screwing around with the concept of "thug life". It starts out with a nerdy white kid filming a documentary about some wigger kids. After the opening scene, which is pretty good, you are left with the feel of the whole film; kids trying to find a sense of individuality and truly binding community in a day and age where the only thing that is "real" is that of inner city hardships and the idea of "ghetto fabulous"… And well, that is all that I am going to tell you about the film because, in my opinion, it is well worth seeing. This film gets 4 out of 5 stars from me. I am not sure why this film didn't get more of a uproar since it is full of very, very graphic imagery, but I feel that it has a lot to say about white youths today. What do we identify with? Most generations have something to identify with. The "minority" cultures of America have a lot to bind them together (whether good or bad). From Vietnam and the Cold War to the Crusades, most generations of Caucasian youths have had some struggle to identify, bind, and occupy the minds and heart of the culture, but we as the "X" generation and beyond have nothing. It is obvious that no one is really making any positive political change or positive social change. There are no fights for change in the world really, nothing that binds us together for a common purpose at least. And with this lack of a positive drive, we, as the youth of America, find ourselves in a delusional state of personal unrest, identifying ourselves with anything that has the symbolism of a "real" life. Without some purpose human become lost in this world. Playing Xbox and reading about celebrities can only fulfill you for so long before you start to fell empty…and you are! Long story short, this film presents some great questions that we, as America's youth, should look at a really begin to question.


Anonymous tARA said...

i will let you know what i think...i am going to rent it this week now. love you!

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