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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Music Review: Night Life 3 - Andy C

So, I bought a couple of CDs the other day. One of which, was Andy C’s newest, Night Life 3. Well, where to begin with this one?! I personally love the tracks that he plays, for one. In a day and age where the “in” thing is to play very dark and technical drum and bass, Andy C sticks to the fun stuff. Despite the lack of the more intelligent substance that the technical movement has brought; one thing that it has over powered is the fun element of drum and bass. I, for one, like to have fun when I am listening to DnB sometimes. After a while of listening to the near break core sounds of the more celebrated DnB producers of today I need a freaking break. Andy C is that answer. His newest installment is good; however, what would everyone think if I only sang the praises of this CD?! So here goes, I have serious problems with his compilation abilities. He jumps around entirely too much! It is hard to find continuity in Night Life 3. Furthermore, some of the mixes are a little abrupt. He slams a few of them together, leaving the listener stuck in limbo between one vocal track and another fucking vocal track…. Which brings me to my next criticism. Andy C, this is not a fucking house CD!! I don’t want the tracks to be drowning in a relentless sea of vocals. I don’t like overpowering MCs and I don’t like to listen to a DnB set of 80% vocal/mash up tracks. So, if you are a House Head looking to dip your toes in the DnB cesspool, may I suggest this CD? And for all of you Heads out there…. Pirate it because you will probably only listen to it a few times before you too have to take a break…. from all of the vocal tacks and seizure like composition.


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